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Newsletter Vol 2, 2010 Archives Events Dojos

A Message from Yamada Sensei

Yoshimitsu Yamada

Dear Members,

Here in NY, we have been having unpredictable weather recently. I assume it's the same all over the world. Please be alert and stay healthy since there are many seminars ahead of us.

The planning for summer camp is going very well. We have many people already registered, and the mat will definitely be full all week. I'm happy to announce that Osawa Sensei will be joining us from Japan, and I know that people are already coming from all over the world to be a part of camp this year. I know everyone loves camp, but I think the fresh nova every morning at the hotel breakfast could be part of it as well!

I'd like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for your support of the USAF. It is a big organization and it takes a lot of work and management to support all the many people and varying views of the members. When I look back, I think I might have shown some poor judgment or made some decisions that I would change if I could. I never intend to make anyone unhappy or to disappoint our members. But this is not always an easy job, so please realize that me, the Board of Directors and the Technical Committee members, are all doing our best.

In such a large organization (we have well over 4000 members), it is hard to always make everyone happy. A good lesson is that this is the same in all of life, and it's something that we all have to deal with every day. Like in aikido, in order to be human we all have to be willing to give in to get along. This is often a challenge, but otherwise, you'd have to live in the desert of Africa or jungle of South America!

Also, please make sure to read the article by our member Paul Linden about International Aiki Peace Week coming in September. I support his efforts in being a part of this event.

Hope to see you all at Summer Camp.

Yoshimitsu Yamada